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X-Graph Custom Designs

DELCOMp designs and manufacturers Arduino Shields, Digi Rabbit & Atmel AVR XMEGA single board computers. We add low-cost Color TFT displays with Touchscreen to these processors. Use our free GUI design tools with Arduino Software, CodeVisionAVR or DynamicC to build low-cost embedded GUI products in just a few hours.

We encourage you to order one of our standard modules to get to know our products quickly.

While some customers will find an X-Graph product matching their requirements other customers might not. Our hardware custom product design service is the solution for this. We design and manufacture any board for you with only one requirement, a minimum order of 100pcs. If you do not need any samples, this service is completely free. If you need samples, we'll charge a 3000 Euro flat fee to build 2 samples of a new custom design product.

Contact X-Graph to get more information on our custom design service.

What is a X-Graph custom design:
  • A X-Graph standard module with connectors removed or extra connectors installed
  • A X-Graph standard module with interface removed or extra interface installed
  • A X-Graph standard module pcb redesigned to place connectors on the locations you need them
  • Non standard interfaces added
  • Specific LCD modules integrated
  • Keypads and enclosures added
  • ...
We have delivered more then 60 custom designs to customers on all continents. Check out the examples below.

X-Graph Custom Design Examples










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