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XG5000 Rabbit 3000 SBC with LCD


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The X-Graph XG5000 is a Rabbit 3000A SBC with a touchscreen 5.6" graphic color TFT LCD. Combined with the DynamicC compiler and the advanced X-Graph graphic LCD libraries you will get your touchscreen GUI product up and running within hours. This SBC includes a lot of standard interfaces and is easily expanded thanks to numerous pin headers.

To start your development you only need a XG5000 module, the free DynamicC compiler and a USB cable. No development tools are needed because DynamicC includes in-circuit debugging with breakpoints, single-stepping, ...
Programming with the free DynamicC compiler is easy and fun. DynamicC includes a lot of libraries: TCP/IP, HTTP Server, Mail server, all kind of communications lib, ...

The XG5000 SBC is available with or without our industrial 5.6" Color TFT 320x234 or 640x480 LCD with touchscreen (256 colors). The multi-purpose XG5000 LCD interface can be reconfigured to control the 320x234 LCD with 64k colours. On request the XG5000 can be configured to support a 6.4" VGA LCD, a 7.0" 800x480 LCD, a 10.4" VGA LCD, ... (call us for availability of these LCD versions).

XG5000 Standard Module Features:
  • Rabbit 3000A @ 58.8MHz
  • Advanced X-Graph LCD hardware interface:
    • 512kByte zero-waitstate Video-RAM
    • Direct video memory access without WAIT states or Rabbit cycle stealing. The Rabbit processor can access all video memory direct to obtain max. drawing speed. No seperate drawing buffer is required.
  • RTC with Li CR2025 replaceable battery backup and a Epson precision 32.768kHz oscillator
  • Memory:
    • 512kByte Flash program memory
    • 512kByte Fast-SRAM program memory
    • 512kByte Video SRAM
    • 512 byte eeprom and 1024 byte flash data storage
    • Unlimited memory expansion: uSDCard connector
  • Serial Interfaces:
    • USB interface with USB plug
    • 10-pin PC-like RS232C header and 4-channel RS232C level-shifter. Both Rabbit Serial Port C and B are used, with a split-cable two RS232C ports are directly available
    • RS485 interface with DPI Bus plug
    • PS2 keyboard interface (3.3Volt)
    • Extra (7th) TTL-level RS232C port (RXD/TXD) with full configuration
    • 1-Wire interface
    • Fully configurable master or slave hardware I2C interface
  • Network interfaces:
    • 10/100 Ethernet interface with RJ45 plug with indicator leds
    • XBee connector: WiFi & ZigBee compatible
  • Power Supply:
    • Dual 5Volt and 3.3Volt switched mode power supply with an input range up to 30V (depending on LCD type)
    • 2.1mm DC input plug with reverse polarization protection diode
  • Digital I/O interfaces:
    • Buzzer
    • 5 current-sink outputs rated for max. 50Volt and 300mAmp
    • 16-key keypad extension connector
  • Analog I/O interfaces:
    • 8 Channel 10-bit ADC (2 channels reserved for touchscreen)
  • Expansion connectors:
    • xgBUS expansion connector (2x5 0.1" male BOXED header)
    • RS232C connector (2x5 0.1" male BOXED header)
    • Four 2X17 0.1" male I/O expansion headers with male BOXED headers
    • One 2x5 0.1" male I/O expansion header with male BOXED header
  • All on a single module of only 154x72 mm
  • Fits all X-Graph enclosures and bezels
The XG5000 'Standard Module' includes those hardware interfaces which reflect the needs of most of our customers.
The XG5000 pcb has provisions for several non-standard hardware interfaces. For orders larger then 100pcs we can deliver a XG5000 'Custom Module'.

On a XG5000 'Custom Module' we can add below list of extra hardware interface.
To reduce cost standard module hardware interfaces can also be removed.
Contact us for more info or orders of custom modules.

XG5000 Custom Module Features:
  • Other LCD's including (others available on request):
    • 3.9" B/W or Blue/White QVGA LCD
    • 5.7" B/W or Blue/White QVGA LCD
    • 5.6" Color TFT 320x234 LCD with touchscreen and 64k colors
    • 6.4" Color TFT VGA LCD with touchscreen
    • 7.0" Color TFT 800x480 LCD with touchscreen
    • 10.4" Color TFT VGA LCD with touchscreen
    • Industrial 10.4" Color TFT VGA LCD with touchscreen
    • Character LCD's
  • Low-cost oscillator setup: Rabbit @25MHz, no RTC
  • Second RS485 driver
  • 128kByte or 512kByte battery backup SRAM
  • 1MByte Video SRAM
  • Up to 4MByte serial flash
  • SDCard connector in stead of uSDCard
  • extra 8 or 16 channel ADC (12-bit and 16-bit versions available)
  • 8-bit or 12-bit DAC channel
  • RC-5 interface
  • LCD interface removed, extra 2x17 pin connector with CPLD I/O pins
  • SMPS replaced by direct input +5V or +3.3V
  • Module powered via USB interface (current limited)
  • USB connector insertion detection

The XG5000 uses an inovative approach to integrate an LCD interface with the Rabbit 3000A processor.

On most designs, which include a processor without integrated graphics controller, one simple adds a dedicated LCD controller. These are typical Epson S1D series chips which add a great number of configuration registers to handle many different LCD types.
These controllers provide an interface to a RAM chip, the processor and an LCD. The SRAM needs to be shared between the processor and the LCD refresh logic. Because the refresh logic can not be halted, the processor-to-LCD-controller interfaces requires a WAIT line to halt a processor memory read/write during LCD refreshing. Such a wait line is not available on a Rabbit 3000A.

On the XG5000 the combination of a fast CPLD, 10nsec SRAM and an inovative CPLD design allows the LCD refresh logic and Rabbit memory access to coexist without the need for a wait line or waitstates. The relatively slow Rabbit uses a two cycle memory access system. The CPLD runs synchronized with the Rabbit memory bus and uses a single cycle to service the Rabbit memory access and another cycle to refresh the LCD.

The result is the fastest possible Rabbit 3000A graphical LCD performance. By using a set of optimized assembly graphic functions, graphic primitives can be drawn directly in the video memory map. This without a noticable build-up delay.
The processor has full read/write access to any memory location in the video memory without the need for waistates. A 100% cpu power is available for the user applicatin and graphical drawing.

The CPLD is flash reprogrammable with a JTAG interface, and it's pre-programmed to handle one type of LCD. About any type of LCD interface can be designed with the CPLD. On the XG5000 pcb three specific connectors can be installed to interface directly to the most common LCD's. Two other connectors carry the CPLD signals and can be used to interface to any other LCD, sometimes requiring a plug-in card.

XG5000 Users Manual 1.0

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