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XG4200 Rabbit 4000 SBC with GPRS & LCD


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WiFi module

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The X-Graph XG4200 is a Rabbit 4000 single board computer with an integrated GPRS modem, a touchscreen 4.3", 5.6" or 7.0" graphic color TFT LCD, and the new XG1000 LCD Hardware Accelerator. Combined with the DynamicC compiler and the advanced X-Graph graphic LCD libraries you will get your WAN touchscreen GUI product up and running within hours.

To start your development you only need a XG4200 module, the free DynamicC compiler and a RS232C cable. No development tools are needed because DynamicC includes in-circuit debugging with breakpoints, single-stepping, ...
Programming with the free DynamicC compiler is easy and fun. DynamicC includes a lot of libraries: TCP/IP, HTTP Server, Mail server, all kind of communications libs, ...

The XG4200 is shipped with a magnetic GSM antenna and 1.5m cable.

The XG4200 Standard Module includes a multi-purpose LCD interface design and is available with the following LCD's:
  • 7.0" Color TFT 800x480 LCD with touchscreen (64k colors)
  • 5.6" Color TFT 320x234 LCD with touchscreen (256 colors)
  • 4.3" Color TFT 480x272 LCD with touchscreen (64k colors)
The XG4200 has 4 mounting holes and fits the X-Graph 4.3" LCD perfectly. The result is a compact LCD/SBC combination with all connectors easily accessible.
  • GPRS modem with SIM card socket and magnetic antenna.
    The modem is fully supported by the DynamicC PPP & Ethernet libraries.
  • A multi-purpose 64k colors (16-bit) Color LCD interface design which supports :
    • 7.0" 800x480 TFT
    • 5.6" 320x234 TFT (256 colors)
    • 4.3" 480x272 TFT
  • A new advanced XG1000 LCD Hardware Accelerator with integrated video memory (4.3" and 7" LCD only)
  • Rabbit 4000 DMA LCD interface for the 5.6" LCD
  • 58.9824MHz Rabbit 4000
  • Up to 4.5MByte local memory:
    • 2MByte Serial Flash
    • 1MByte Fast-SRAM
    • 512kByte battery-backup SRAM
    • 1MByte or 256kByte video buffer
  • Ethernet Interface
  • WiFi (optional installed in XBee socket)
  • Eight 12-bit ADC channels
  • Two 12-bit DAC channels
  • Analog touchscreen interface
  • 10-pin XGBUS connector
  • 10-pin PC-like RS232C header and 4-channel RS232C level-shifter TXD/RXD/RTS/CTS
  • Optional d-Sub9 connector for RS232C interface
  • RS485 Interface
  • ZigBee Interface with RTS/CTS handshaking and ZigBee Reset/Button support
  • DynamicC debugging is supported directly with a second RS232C port with on-board 2x5 pin header
  • 1-Wire interface
  • 1kbyte eeprom and 4kByte flash data storage
  • DC 2.1mm power input jack
  • microSDCard interface
  • RTC with Li CR2025 replaceable battery backup and a Epson precision 32.768kHz oscillator
  • 3A SMPS Power supply
  • Fits all X-Graph enclosures & bezels
On a XG4200 'Custom Module' we can add below list of extra hardware interface.
To reduce cost standard module hardware interfaces can also be removed.

We build custom modules for orders larger then 100 pcs.
Contact us for more info or orders of custom modules.

XG4200 Custom Module Features:
  • Low-cost oscillator setup: Rabbit @40MHz, no RTC
  • 512kByte or 2MByte SRAM
  • 1MByte or 4MByte serial flash
  • RC-5 interface
  • d-Sub9 connector for RS232C interface
  • 2x5 pin headers replaced by angled versions
  • ZigBee header removed
XG4200 4.3" and 7.0" LCD Interface
The XG4200 uses the new XG1000 LCD Hardware Accelerator. The XG1000 is based on the XG5000 CPLD technology and includes 256k or 1MByte dedicated LCD memory (depends on LCD type).

The Rabbit 4000 can access the LCD memory via its I/O interface without extra waitstates. The XG1000 includes Hardware Acceleration for drawing graphic primitives (X-Graph DynamicC library).
The XG1000 support 64k colors on all LCD's.

XG4200 5.6" LCD Interface
The XG4200 with 5.6" LCD uses the Rabbit 4000 DMA controller.

On most designs, which include a processor without integrated graphics controller, one simple adds a dedicated LCD controller. These are typical Epson S1D series chips which add a great number of configuration registers to handle many different LCD types.
These controllers provide an interface to a RAM chip, the processor and an LCD. The SRAM needs to be shared between the processor and the LCD refresh logic. Because the refresh logic can not be halted, the processor-to-LCD-controller interfaces requires a WAIT line to halt a processor memory read/write during LCD refreshing.

On the XG4100 the combination of the Rabbit 4000 innovative build-in DMA controller, a fast SRAM chip and X-Graph knowledge allows the LCD refresh logic and Rabbit memory access to coexist without the need for a wait line or waitstates. This results in fast graphical LCD performance for graphic LCD's with a size up to QVGA in max. 8 bit/pixel mode.
The DMA controller is used to do the refreshing of the LCD's. This is done by stealing cycles form the CPU.

By using a set of optimized assembly graphic functions, graphic primitives can be drawn directly in the video memory map. This without a noticable build-up delay.
The processor has full read/write access to any memory location in the video memory without the need for waistates.

  • Model: XG4200
  • 12 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: DELCOMp

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