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XG7100 ATXMega SBC with LCD


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The X-Graph XG7100 adds a touchscreen 4.3", 5.6" or 7.0" graphic LCD to the high performance RISC Atmel ATXMegaA1 processor. Target applications are low-cost GUI apps for industrial and home automation.

This module includes a CodeVisionAVR compatible micro-SDCard socket, a WiFi compatible XBee socket and XG8000 compatible Arduino expansion sockets. All ATXMegaA1 I/O pins are available on expansion connectors. The module is powered by a standard USB compatible power supply or directly from a PC USB port.

Using the XG8000-Series of Arduino shields this module can be expanded with a Switched Mode Power Supply, GPRS modem, MP3 output, Ethernet module, etc...

The pcb is mounted on the lcd. The result is an ultra-thin module, easy to install in environments with limited space. The pcb also adds 4 mounting holes to the 4.3" LCD.

To start developing you need a XG7100 and the CodeVisionAVR Advanced compiler. For debugging you might consider the JTAGICE3 debugging tool and the free AVR Studio 6. We also offer a development kit which includes all this stuff.

  • ATXMegaA1 RISC processor with 128kByte Flash
  • A multi-purpose 64k colors (16-bit) Color LCD interface design which supports :
    • 7.0" 800x480 TFT
    • 5.6" 320x234 TFT
    • 4.3" 480x272 TFT
  • X-Graph hardware acceleration LCD interface with integrated video memory
  • Analog touchscreen interface
  • microSDCard interface
  • XBee socket compatible with the Roving Networks WiFi module, the Digi WiFi XBee module SPI mode and all ZigBee/XBee modules
  • mini USB power input jack
  • LDO 3.3Volt regulator
  • Arduino compatible I/O connectors
  • ATXMegaA1 I/O ports available on two 40-pin FFC connectors for easy I/O expansion
  • xgBus expansion header
  • Programming header compatible with JTAGIce mkII
  • Fits all X-Graph enclosures & bezels
The XG7100 is compatible with:
  • XG8100 GPRS module
  • XG8200 SMPS power supply module
  • XG8300 MP3 module
  • Roving Networks WiFi module
  • The XG1600 xgBus I/O expansion module adds 32 programmable input/outputs (high voltage / high current)
  • All other xgBus expansion modules
Download the 'CodeVision X-Graph Libraries' zip file ('DOWNLOAD' in the top menu of this website).
Unzip this file and copy its contents in the CodeVision root directory.
This will add all required X-Graph .h/.lib files to your CodeVisionAVR configuration. Remember to repeat this for all new versions of CodeVisionAVR.

Example Code
Now check the 'examples atxmega/X-Graph' directory in which you will find several code examples.

Also check the 'DOCUMENTS' section and download a copy of the XG7100 schematic and the 'XG7100 ATXMegaA1 pinning information' document. Before connecting any custom hardware to the XG7100, carefully check this information and make 100% sure to use the correct I/O pins.

How to start a new project ?
Step 1: Configure your project
  • Open a new project
  • Go to: Project-Configure -> C Compiler tab -> Libraries tab
  • In the 'MMC/SD/SD HC Card' tab:
    • Enable MMC/SD/SD HC Card and FAT support
    • SPI Controller: SPIF
    • /CS: PORTK / Bit: 5
    • Disable /CD
    • Disable /WP
    IMPORTANT: this MUST also be done even if you do not need the SDCard interface in your project
  • Graphic LCD tab: select the correct XG7100 Display Type
Step 2: Include X-Graph support
  • #include <xgraph.h>
    must be added to your main.c
    This include will load all X-Graph related libraries.
  • xgraph_init()
    must be added as the very first line of code after void main(void) {
    This coded will init the X-Graph hardware to a known state.
    Check the XGxxxx.LIB files to understand how the hardware is init.

For orders larger then 100pcs we can deliver a XG7100 'Custom Module'.

XG7100 Custom Module Features:
  • 64K/192K/256K/384K Flash version of ATXMegaA1
  • ATXMegaD1 processor
  • Remove Arduino headers and ZigBee connectors to get a ultra-thin module
  • Add custom interfaces, for example USB port, RS485 port, ...
  • Add headers or connectors
  • The pcb size can be changed to fit your application requirements

  • Model: XG7100
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  • Manufactured by: DELCOMp

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